Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Visit to the American Consulate to Start an Historic Day

     Today, Monday, March 14, marked one of the highlights of our journey for which we had prepared over the last three years. 

Arun, Dave and I set off this morning first to meet with our Consul General in Hyderabad.  There are several consulates in India, including this one in Hyderabad, opened two years ago.  Such a presence indicates the growing importance and size of an area like Hyderabad. 

We had the good fortune to meet directly with the Consul General for Hyderabad, Ms. Katherine (Kathy) Dhanani with whom we shared the story of our relationship with St. Francis College and sought her advice and counsel. 

She, along with her out-going Public Affairs Officer (Juliet Wurr) and in-coming PAO (Elizabeth Jones), affirmed both their strong regard for St. Francis College and positive encouragement to us to continue along the path we had started with them. Levels of security for the Consulate were evident everywhere. 

While on the one hand it may have seemed a bit inconvenient, on the other hand we greatly appreciated the need for such security in times like ours in a post-911 world.

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  1. Sister Joan, Dave and Arun - I am enjoying the posts of your trip. This is a very exciting opportunity for the College of Business and St. Ambrose University. Be safe, and enjoy the rest of your trip! - Julie