Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rishika Rana, Truly Blessed

Rishika Rana shares the blessing of the American Business Experience:

Whenever I was asked how American business experience was at St. Ambrose University, I always responded “truly blessed.” St Ambrose University, a place where we, a group of 10 girls, were fortunate enough to experience a different culture, learn new things, meet new people and enjoyed every single moment.
American business experience is a summer program which focused on making the students familiar with the various business practices followed by the American businesses. All the students were not only taught the American business aspects but also how to understand the business arena from global perspective. We had seminar sessions and field visits everyday to have the practical experience and to supplement the theory taught.
This program was focused on various business topics which included Ethics and Sustainability, American business in 20th century, Business Research, Operations management, Innovation, Accounting system, Women entrepreneurship, Marketing Strategies, Financial Institutions. The field trips included Living Lands and Waters, ALCOAJohn DeereRoyal Neighbors, Quad City Times , Hill and ValleyGenesis Systems and Happy Joe's. As business students, we were able to relate the topics taught to the various practical cases we visited. Every day taught us something new.
Apart from seminars, we had an opportunity to learn how to go about with the Etiquette dinner the rules and guidelines to be formal, the way to arrange the cutlery; the way to eat etc. This event was very interesting as I could implement this in future when I have to attend a business meeting. We got an opportunity to volunteer in the Race for the Cure which gave a great feeling. We also got an opportunity to visit the radio station of Davenport and it was amazing to see how a radio station functions.
The overall experience at St. Ambrose University was learning as well as joyful experience. I learnt something every moment spent there. Apart from the subject knowledge, this trip had inculcated many values in me. The people, habits, cultures had taught me many things. As a person I grew and became a better person.
Rishika Rana

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