Friday, March 11, 2011

University Grants Commission, Red Fort, and Yes, the Autorickshaw

A Post by Sister Joan

Today was our last full day in Delhi.  In his usual way, Arun managed to pack several key events for Dave and me into a memorable day.  Our first meeting was with Chairman Ved Prakash, Ph.D. who heads the  University Grants Commission which funds the university system in India.

Arun  had met Professor Prakash on a previous visit on behalf of St. Ambrose which paved the way for us to have a meaningful exchange about our desire to develop long-term mutual collaborations with Indian institutions.

Professor Prakash was most positive about our approach, offered us encouragement and complimented us on the relationship building that we had already begun over the past two years.  Going forward, he suggested that next steps might be the exchange of people and materials, collaborations on 'best practices' and internationalizing the curriculum for both Indian and American institutions. 

At the end of our visit, we presented him with a presidential  pen and thanked him for his counsel and his interest.

     Our business meeting done, we set off on an adventure.  Arun suggested that we take the time to drive through one of the main streets in Old Delhi where buildings date from several centuries earlier.  Our main interest was in seeing one of the most famous sites of Old Delhi, the Lal Qila (Red Fort). 

This fort, built in the mid 17th century, was the seat of Mughal emperors.  Annually on Indian Independence Day (August 5) the Prime Minister addresses the nation from the steps of the Red Fort.

     Our trip to the Red Fort began in an air-conditioned taxi which, in the usual manner of Delhi taxis, wove its way through the maze of buses, cars, bullock-drawn carts and tiny autorickshaws which are three-wheeled motor-powered carts.  These last would figure later in our adventure.


The fort was huge and built of deep red stones. 

Across the road from the Red Fort was a collection of buildings that symbolize the religious diversity of India...

...within one block of one another stood the following:  Jama Masid (a  mosque); Jain Temple (Janism); the Hindu Temple in honor of Shiva; and Sikh Gurudwara (a Sikh place of worship). 

Finishing our picture-taking we set off to find our waiting taxi only to find it, to our horror and that of the taxi driver, being towed away.  Evidently, the driver had left the car in a tow zone; our last sight of him was his following the tow truck and his pleading his case, all to no avail.  While we felt very badly for the driver, we then faced the next dilemma:  how we get back to our hotel, since, in this part of Old Delhi, hailing a cab was not possible.  Arun sought to phone for a cab only to learn that none would be available for at least two hours.

      It was at that moment that all three of us simultaneously looked at the many tiny autorickshaws and said:  "Oh, let's give it a try." 

We squashed ourselves into the small backseat and set off on the ride of our lives. 

Darting in and out of Delhi is an experience at any time, but, exposed as we were in this mini-opensided little cart, we summoned up our courage...

and hoped for the best. 

Twenty minutes later (it felt much longer) we arrived in one piece back at our hotel.  It gave us one of what we know will be our best tales to tell from this trip.



  1. Dave,

    It looks as though you didn't enjoy the ride in that cart too much! Thanks for blogging about your adventures. We are praying for your success and safe return.


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